Conference Venue: Norris University Center, Northwestern University

Norris University Center
1999 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
(847) 491-2300

Center Floorplans
Campus Map


Ground Transportation from O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Hilton Garden Inn, Evanston.

When you arrive at O’Hare, go to baggage claim/ground transportation. Find a ground transportation / hotel informational board which has a built-in telephone. Find the code number for the American Taxi Dispatch Inc and follow the directions. You can also directly call one of the following two taxi companies to arrange a ride, but you will need to know your terminal number in order to make the arrangement.

American Taxi Dispatch Inc.: 847-255-9600
Norshore Cab: 847-864-7500

These cab companies serve the suburbs and would be able to find the hotel in Evanston much easier than the Chicago cabs that are in the taxi line at the airport. You will be given a cab number to wait for and the door number through which you should exit for the pickup location, which will be marked as “suburban taxi” or “prearranged rides.”

If necessary, hand the following pages of instructions to your cab driver to he or she can take you to the Evanston Hilton Garden Inn ((847) 475-6400).


Driving from Hilton Garden Inn to the Northwestern University Campus

There will be a hotel shuttle to bring the site visit members to campus, but if you would prefer to drive, below are the directions. You will need a yellow one-day visitor parking pass for July 13 - 17. Please, contact the Materials Research Center to obtain one ( Parking lots are closely monitored on the university campus and street parking is restricted to a 2-hour maximum.

Turn South on Maple as you exit the parking lot of Hilton. Turn to the left (East) onto Church Street, then left (North) onto Chicago Ave. Chicago will go into Sheridan Rd. Keep going North on Sheridan Road for a couple of blocks. There are two available parking lots. There is a smaller lot at the intersection of Noyes St. and Sheridan Road. Turn left on Noyes and turn left again into the parking lot. That parking lot generally has open spaces before 8:30am, however it fills up quickly after that. If there is no parking there, you can go to the bigger parking lot that’s a little further north. Go north on Sheridan and turn Right on Lincoln Street. Follow the street as it turns South and becomes Campus Drive. There will be a big parking lot on your right.